Sunday, 8 July 2012

Flower 6

Hi there, today is the day that you want to go out but the weather is not just the best. well, I had this day today. unfortunately, My hubby and my sister drag me out of the house and took to swimming pool. I was worth it :) so I had and idea to make a card which will cheer me up. - sunshine card :) tak a look.

This car was made from all my scraps. Punch out in 2 different colors petals of the flower. I used crinkle machine to make the wave look. punch two leaves in olive. cut a olive sting. mount white base 5"x7". cut yellow card and certain celery and white (I used my scrap paper which was already embossed). round 2 corners. mount pale blue card on white, add the ribbon. to finish the card i cut out circle from white paper add double sided tape and cover it in small beads. Stick it as a middle of a flower. now I used  dimentionals to mount flower. sentiment is the last piece on the card. there you have it . sunny card for today. hope you enjoy it.

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