Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A new carft person

Hi All,  I was thinking to post my brand new card, but ... today would be something different. My little sister was visiting me for the last month and she enjoyed making cards. She totally fell in love in  all the crafty bits I got. As soon as I showed her how to use big shot, stamps and heat embossing she was all gone ..... her face light up like a Christmas tree :) I couldn't get her out off the house. So lat few days she spent crafting and crafting and smiling ...... take a look what she did.

I am really proud of her.

this was her first one and I think looks very pretty.
To change a theme she decide to do 1 Christmas card.

this was her another choice.

and last but not least ......

Now she needs to come back and do some more :)

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