Friday, 21 September 2012

**** CHALLENGE **** Dare to use Scraps

Hi all! The inspiration behind this week’s card started when I began cleaning off my crafting area. I was about to throw away a bunch of scraps when they caught my eye. I decided to save them from the trash can, and instead challenged myself to use them on a card. Do you guys do things like this every so often? I’ve done something already, and wasn’t planning to again, but when I saw the scraps I was intrigued. :)
In this case, I DARE YOU TO USE YOUR SCRAPS with me.

I will be posting every fortnight a challenge (starting next month) for you to use your scraps with me. there will be something different to use every time. And you can always come along and help me out. just send me a photo/or write in comments about your scraps (what you would like to use). Than I can see what we can create with it and ...... you will get credit and be eco friend by using your leftovers :) how good is that.

So, I will be waiting for your inspirations. Until then take a look at my cards which has already been made from scraps. Check my label list for LEFTOVERS.

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