Monday, 1 October 2012

First attempt of heat embossing with stamps.

Morning Peeps,
I was very tempted by this very nice and unique technique of heat embossing with use of stamps. I deicide to have a go and try. here how it looks. I used SU set Cartle Postal to make my decoration on the card. I also used silver embossing powder and ... Versamark ink.  All the papers are from Paper Mill shop.


The technique is very simple.
take a piece of paper and cover some are with ink, than sprinkle e.powder and melt it all. repeat this again , again and again..... adding all the layers one on top of each other. (I had 4 layers). when you are happy with thickness add ink onto the stamp and reheat the powder (DO NOT ADD INK ONTO IT (you have ink on the stamp)- IF YOU DO IT THE IMAGE WILL NOT APPEAR PROPERLY). Stamp image AND HOLD as quickly as possible when powder is hot. leave stamp for few seconds in the powder to make sure that you have image as you wish. take off gently stamp and cut off excess of the paper. position image on the card and there you have it.

I will post pictures how to do it later in the week.
Thanks for looking.

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