Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Clothes bits

Hello, this is my another challenge. I have so lots to put on my blog that there always is not enough time to do it... even now when you have extra hour ;)
Anyway, This task for you is to make card or something with CLOTHES BITS
!!!! Yes, you hear clothes bits... all those small ribbons that are stuck your arms inside clothes. Yes, this is the one I am talking about. There are still good and very useful. You cut them off and throw away , but I ... I show you how to make something for someone.

Start with gathering all the pieces you have go. put them in one pile and trim them all to one size. BUT be careful you need to measure how long you need. the distance is between one strip to another. 

Next, you cut 2 pieces of cardstock of your choice, put double side type on one of them and start arranging your ribbons. you can put as many as you wish, in any order. If you need another layer of type just do it, and put some more ribbons. Try not to overload the strips and put max 2 layers of type (last layers of type is to mount to card ) to attache ribbons. just like on the picture below ....

when you finish cut a piece card, stamp sentiment....

..... than when you finished organizing your ribbons, take second piece of card, flatten the ribbons and attache the strip to the bottom. so it looks like that.
..... attache sentiment and mount your ribbons. this is how the card looks like.

hope you like it. Enjoy make your card and do not forget to put link to my blog with instructions.

have fun in making it. Elzbieta

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Sharon Madson said...

So cool! So nice of you to shar this great idea!

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