Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Instructions to Waterfall card

Here are the instructions to Waterfall card. Very easy and simple card, which adds extra special effect to every occasion.

1. Start with the basics, fold A4 white card on half and stamp with some light ink (I used SU simply said with so saffron ink)

2. stamp a white strip of paper with flowers and add strip of glitter paper. Add some strips of glitter paper to the basic card.
 3. cut a piece of 12"x12" paper - must be the same size as your basic squares (mine 2 1/8)- position your first bottom panel and make a score line on top of it. - start waterfall panels from bottom and work your way up.

4. from first score line measure 1,5 cm up and make another line, than another one, until you have 3 of them- see picture below.

5. Attach WHOLE first panel to the bottom of the strip.

 6. Attach next panel on the top of the first one - IMPORTANT : adhere the panel just in the section between score lines, (see brown paper in the picture below), DO NOT put adhesive onto score lines as it will not bend later.

7. adhere next panels until you get to the top.

8. Adhere a black circle to the back of a long strip to pull down.

9. Take a  middle flower strip and attach it to the base card with brads, usually its a bottom third section of the card.

 10. Line up you waterfall strip with flower strip. Adhere first bottom panel with a flower strip (as on the picture below). do not attach all of it, just where it overlaps.

11. the back of the long strip put behind the flower strip and pull down with a black circle. Now you have your waterfall card ready to decorate. - Finished card should look like this.
12. I decorated mine card with a recycled cupcakes. I cut them out of some BDay card and adhere to the waterfall panels. On the pictures you can see how it works as you pull it down.

Hope you enjoy. keep on making them and it will gets easier every time. Hope you like it and see you next time.

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