Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ribbon Storage

After all my search I finally found a nice ribbon storage that can work for me. I look for it for a very long time. I tried THIS and Than and experiment with some shoe boxes, with plastic containers, with space racks and all sort of things, but nothing works for me. I finally found this on Pintrest and decided to have a go.

It is not a thing you can actually buy in The shop but I love DIY and I will go and do it myself. My target is ASAP, but having small kids it is not an easy job to go and organize my time and have some extra. I will see if grandparents can be in use at than time...

HERE  you can find all the instructions on: How to do it?? dimensions and full pictures. I will post mine when I actually finish this project and I will be able to use it in my craft room. Until then, all my ribbons are in plastic containers and boxes, where they remain until my shelf will be finished.

Thanks for looking, check the blog for more inspirations.
Elzbieta xx

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