Saturday, 4 August 2012

INSTRUCTIONS to Wonky Picture

This is how I made the flower. It take 8 flowers to make it. so be prepared for lots of folding.

Step 1
I used second flower from the middle from nestabilities. you can use different shape or circle. Cut 8 flowers.

Step 2
Fold in half all petals.

Step 3
Fold in half again , so you have cross in the middle.

 Step 4
This part is hard.
Fold in half petal, then fold a corner of petal in opposite direction (see picture). you need to make cress between two diagonal fold that you made before.

 it does not matter which corner you pick as long as they are opposite to each other. then you fold second one the same. when you open it you should end up with something like below.

Step 5
This is FREE STYLE FOLDING - and extramly hard to explain.
Now , I change colours so you could see more the folds line. on pink you could not see the folding lines.
From the position before (see picture above) you turn the petal so its facing down. now take one folded corner and try to touch with it the middle fold.

than do it the same with the other corner. You should have this at the end. Do not worry if it does not look the same. my is very quick one and not so straight. :)

Step 6
I made the same cress with pink one. To have exactly the same flower put all 8 petals together on plain circle or square and add embellishments. There you go. Nice flower.

Hope you had a lot of fun - please leave a comment if you like my flower, or need more pictures.

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