Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Up Butterflies

Hello, This is another card made out of the same punch. All the butterflies were from scraps of paper.

I usually do not keep names of my scrap, I would rather you could be creative and just  use your own scraps.

1. Yellow card base 5"x7". -card is scrap
2. draw lines with pencil gently on white paper to see where to position decorations - white scrap paper    
3. glue butteries randomly - one big one small, position them  on the lines.
4. I used SU plastic mat to do piercing before i actually sew the embellishments.
5. mount white card onto yellow and add HB sticker.
6. I like it all sparkly so I added some glue on the wings and use glitter. All done ;)

1 comment :

elleth said...

Uwielbiam motylki. Wygladaja cudowne. Swietny pomysl z przeszyciami.

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