Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ally Pally 2012 September

Hi, it is closer and closer ... the Big scrap booking and card making show is finally here. this event  is twice a year in Alexandria Palace in London. If you have not got the discount ticket yet ... so it is too late now. It is worth going as you can  see new products, learn something new, and meet other fellows crafter. The disadvantage is ...... overcrowding. This show is so popular that specially, on Saturdays, there is just enough space to breath :o)  Sunday is a little bit less occupied, but there is less products to find as most of the things are sold out on the day before. So if you want to really grab a barging and you are not afraid of crowds, I would pick Saturday to go.
all the details you can find HERE

Apart from, all the craft hassle the Palace is one of the most beautiful things I like in London. If you know something that is not a tourist attraction in London, not so crowded and you can't find it in the well known brochures let me know. leave in a comments so i could take a look ... what else is to discover in London ;)  

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