Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sexy old fashioned ....

Hi All,
Lovely Sunday today - everything is nice and sunny. I was hoping that it will stay that hot until next month :) this would be my dream come true for this Summer year.
My today's card is inspired by old fashion lace - you know the one that women had in their dresses.It looks lovely and really Girly. I loved it.

White card base 5"x7". cut a piece of scrap pattern paper. cut a white piece of paper and punch edge whith your favourite edge puncher (my is scalop and I added holes with normal paper punch). take ribbon and put through the holes. tie a knot at the end. Punch 4 flowers (SU flower punch) . Ink edges whit white ink. add buttons as centre of flowers. now stick white paper to patter papaer. everything fix to car base. add flowers to finishe the card.

Thanks for looking.

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