Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wieniec swiateczny

Tuesday is here again ..... I think the time fly so fast that I can't sometimes catch it for myself. My little Mr is sleeping now so I can post a new card for Christmas. I will be  posting one every Tuesday until Christmas, so you can cam along and do some cards with me. Come along and see what I did today

I sow this nice way of pleating ribbon on some show and have no idea how to use it, but than I found this awsome double ribbon and .... ta dah ..... here is my card .....

White card base - A4 card score on half. cut a smaller piece of green paper and mount it to the card base. Than cut another piece of white paper. Make your ribbon wrench and gently place it to the card (DO NOT FIX IT), draw gently a line with pencil where the wrench will go and than draw dash lines on white card (mine were not the best as my little Mr helped later to try and eat it) - DO NOT DRAW INSIDE THE CIRCLE THAT YOU MADE.

next, take a piece of scrap paper and cover outside of your pencil circle, stamp your motive -  half on the inside of the circle and half on the scrap paper. repeat until you have covered the whole inside of the circle.
When you finish stamp sentiment inside the circle and rub it of if you want (the ribbon will cover the circle so you do not have to rub it off if you do not want to).

I mount ribbon to the card with very sticky glue dots, but you can use it your favourite super sticky glue or anything else. Fix everything to the card and there you have.
My really nice another Christmas card.

Video on how to make this ribbon wreath - HERE

Hope you like it.

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