Sunday, 14 October 2012

Scraps #1 cards

This is how you put it together and use it onto a card.

First organize your scrap lines into colours - if you want to make a specific colour card.

 next, take a piece of card that you want to use. trim to desirable size an cover it with double side type or a sheet of double sticky paper.

Next, stick your lines in desirable position you want. Try not to start from the edge of the card base, it is better to stick the line a little bit over the card and than trim it. - card below do not have sticky type, it is just as en example. - DO NOT COVER WHOLE CARD WITH LINES IF YOU WANT TO HAVE SOME SPARKLE.

Last, It you are happy with the layout stick lines and sprinkle a little bit of dust and there you have it. A nice piece of paper ready to go :)
take a look at my scraps. Look at this shine :)

And here are my cards made with this scraps. You can do the same without leaving gap for shine ;)

And another card with out a spar but really colourful.

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