Tuesday, 28 January 2014

how I started??

Hi Bloggers.
I had an idea. one of my lovely ladies ask one day :"did you had a bad cards ?" I said "yes" . When I started I did not like some of my cards. I made them because I had to learn how to use sketches, or how to use new products, or just to see how it looks like. So I started to put things together and I end up with this.

Green card base, red and white card was cut with decorative scissors, berries and leaves I use punch, music notes and black BG I had draw and cut. I like the sketch from it but the card I really not like. Oh well... I will have another go later.

In other posts you can see how my cards are a little bit more advance than my small little beginnings.... I kept this one to remind me that there always is a start. do you have your first cards??

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