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Clean & Simple cards - tutorial - continuing ...

.........................Here is a continuation of my tutorial CAS ........................................

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REPETITION of design elements creates interest through the use of a repeated component. the most attention - grabbing repetition occurs when there is variations in the chosen element. this could be using a shape such as a circle for multiple components but varying the size and/or color throughout the design. it could mean using the same stamp image but stamping it in a variaty of colours. the same greeting in different fonts would also be good example of using varied repetition. the important factor when using repetition to create an appealing design is to use the chosen feature in a variety of ways.

COLOUR is an important factor when adding detail to a card design. like the focal image, the colors chosen are very important in conveying the desired message.color can be added through papers, embellishments, inks, paints, markers and more. a color wheel can be a valuable tool when choosing colors. colors can many times even be chosen based on the patterned paper being used.

PATTERNS can add interest interest to the design. pattern can be incorporated into design through the use of things such as printed papers, stamps, embellishments and embossing. embossed patterns are a great way to add both interest and texture. Patterns can also be an effective way to incorporate the use of lines.

TEXTURE encompasses both the look and feel of the card. texture adds depth and appeal to a design. in addition, it can also be a good way to pull in the use of repetition and patterns. Even so-called non-texture designs contain a texture. they are smooth, which in reality is a texture. texture can be represented through cardstock texture, fibers, 3-D elements, embossing and more. Texture is very effective in creating the feel of a card. for example, a smooth or linen texture can be elegant and refined. when striving for a more outdoorsy or masculine feel, a natural element such as jute or twine might be used.

for more examples of how these designs elements are put to use, be sure and watch for tips throughout the blog.

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