Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hi All in this beautiful day. Today is the most easiest card I have ever done. Made out of scraps of some nice box. Check this out.
This card was chosen by iSPY Sketches  to be a "Model" :)  take a look how wonderful things were made using my card as a sketch.

Very simple 5"x5" card. I cut out stars from some old box. stick sticker of HB on the side and drew faux stiches on the side of the card and there you have it. Nice  colorful and happy card for today.

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Tammy said...

Your card is so inspiring how that sometimes we don't get to create a card on the fly for someone special because our usual projects take anywhere from 2-10 hours. But this little masterpiece---it's wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts/talents and for allowing me to glean form you:) be blessed
~Beyond Measure

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